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Parsons Office Systems, Inc.  Since 1944
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From humble beginnings

In 1944, Harold Parsons began his American Dream to provide for his family as a self-employed business owner.  At that time, as the sole employee, the demands of selling and servicing type writers were great.  Harold, hired his first employee which began a legacy to follow.  Hiring both family members and respectable members of the community, Parsons Office Systems grew to a dozen employees over night.  As technology improved, there were word processors and scanning devices.  Soon to follow were printers, copiers, fax, shredders, mailing equipment, and many other commercial pieces of equipment your office would need a service technician to maintain.  First Name passed the business down to his son Don Parsons and then on to Don's son Ray Parsons as the most current, third-generation owner along with his two sisters Donna and Penny.

Mission Statement

Parsons Office Systems seeks to make complex technology become simple.  We provide true solutions with a smooth implementation and sensible outcome.  Our business is integrating emerging technology within your current office software and hardware infrastructure.  Our goal is making technology deliver its promised expectations for improvements, efficiency, and cost savings.  Most importantly, we will not forget the people who make us who we are, including our valued customers, great employees, committed owners, and our vendor support staff.


Providing the best products on the market is not enough; great customer service and technical support is just as important.

Since 1944, Parsons Office Systems has never sacrificed their quality of services for the sake of saving a penny. We still believe in following through with our promises and delivering the highest level of products and services. Our customer satisfaction has kept us strong and rapidly growing; over the past decade we have retained well over 95% of our customers!

Parson's is one of the oldest companies in Waco.  We take pride in giving Central Texas the respect and customer service they deserve. Parson's is continually staying ahead of the competition when it comes to your office needs; combining leading brand manufactures with cutting edge software technology. Parsons can produce a complete office solution for your specific office needs.

Parsons current employees add up to over 210 years of experience, averaging 26 years each. This proves Parson's desire to be consistent, reliable, employee/customer focused, and staying with the times. Parson's priority is to ensure that the highest level of customer approval and retention is achieved.

Our Values

A lot has changed after 70-years, but the value we place on both our employees and our customers has not.   Not forgetting where we came from and where were going, we respect the people who make us a success.  Our customers deserve our best and we are committed to excellence.

Integrity and honesty are at the forefront of all we stand for and we thank Central Texas for allowing us to prove this every day.

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