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Bulk Mailer Software

Bulk Mailer® helps you prepare USPS-compliant mailings faster and more easily. Achieve increased mail deliverability and the lowest postage rates while avoiding the aggravation of deciphering complex postal regulations. Superior productivity features include wizard-based processes, reusable templates, comprehensive data exchange, and an unmatched mail piece designer. The latest generation of the Bulk Mailer series sports a sophisticated new interface and the option to upgrade to a Microsoft® SQL Server database for faster performance with the largest address data files.

 •CASS™ certified address correction automatically validates and corrects mailing addresses.

 •PAVE™ certified postal presorting lets you get the lowest postal rates.

 •Real-time move update service matches addressees against the full NCOA change of address list.

 •Generate all USPS-required documentation.

 •Import and export address files in all popular date formats.

 •Define list selection and sorts on the fly.

 •Graphical mail piece designer lets you create polished, impactful envelopes.

 •Configure and set common sequences of tasks with the Job Builder.

 •Interface directly with most popular high-speed address printing machines.