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Your very first option when your equipment has an issue, of course, is to place a service call.  You might receive a phone call to try and resolve the issue over the phone.  If a service technician is still required, you could have to wait a few hours before your equipment is working again.

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How do I clear paper jams?

Most devices will give the observer an error message and some assistance to identifying the area of the printer where the paper jam has occurred. The printer is smart enough to know where the paper is as it moves through the printer. Sensors in the paper path along the track of the printer monitor the progress of each sheet as it moves through the printer. If a sheet does not arrive during the expected time frame then a jam has occurred. Simply removing the jammed sheet is only half the challenge. The real solution is to find what caused the page to hang-up in the paper path. Perhaps there is something in the paper path or maybe a roller was too slick to pull the paper forward. Good observation with a flashlight to see inside the printer is the best way to diagnose the problem.

Remember there will be multiple pages moving along the paper path during the printing process. There may be pages beyond the paper jam and proceeding the paper jam which are not the problem. Only the jammed page is the one that is the issue. You may try removing the one piece of paper with the issue or remove all the paper within the machine.

NOTE:  See additional resources for how-to instructions on a specific device

What should I do when my equipment has an issue?

Equipment Training

Or, you might try a proactive approach to help prevent certain equipment failure and downtime.  We put together a basic training course to help your office better resolve the most common issues that occur in your office so that your equipment is up and running within minutes and potentially eliminate the need to wait for a service technician.