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Email, fax, print jobs, data from phone lines, audio or video surveillance, and digital files of all types either stored on local computers or the server can be automatically captured and classified.  Organizations struggle with implementing policies and procedures when saving and handling day to day content.  Organizations experience too many mistakes or lack of compliancy from employees and staff when trying to correct or mandate a new policy.  Documents are forgotten or misfiled, even malicious conduct can pose a great threat.

We can help your organization achieve goals with or without your employees cooperation.  We provide an audit report of every email, fax, or electronic file.  As a fax, email, or electronic file is being received or created, content can be captured in order to classify whatever your organization desires.  If not enough information can be automatically captured from either the body of the document (electronic files & it’s attachments) or metadata; a box will pop up and require the users immediate participation in helping to classify this item in further detail.  Drop downs, check box, radio buttons, and text box can be used to limit or standardize answers and response times.  

Any if not all information of importance to your organization can now be protected, quickly retrieved, and properly eliminated upon your desires and needs.  Even copies, scans, and fax made from a copier (mfp) can all be authenticated, tracked, monitored, and even photo capture the individual(s) performing these duties.  We can help prevent unauthorized duplication or editing of information and legally ensure it’s original state and all versions without compromising it’s original integrity.

With use of RFID, we can also help track all physical content including product, parts, computers, intellectual property, paper documents, and much more.  We can help track when, where, and who has possession of these items and alert for immediate attention if needed.

These type of processes can protect your organization from mistakes and assist in litigation.  Anything can be found and retrieved within a matter of seconds.  With the audit trail feature, you can comply with common industry standards like Sarbains Oxly and HIPPA.

For more information and a full evaluation of all features or possibilities, feel free to email or call one of our technical experts.

Manage any electronic document file types.  Video, audio, pictures, PDF, email, & more.

Any TWAIN capable scanner will interface when using the Batch Scan Feature.  Includes many copiers using push or pull scan.

Intercept fax or print feeds from Legacy Systems with choice to print or prevent print expenses.**  Offers automated processes for intelligent redistribution via print-email-fax.  Extract or manipulate data to be sent to additional locations, forms, or data repository and report generating processes.  Lastly, create a new cosmetic look for ease of use.**

Back up for safe keeping or remote accessibility

Manual & Automatic Indexing

Document Workflow


Document Route


Review & Release Cycle

Store & Protect database on local PC or

 remote drives

Access information on a single PC , LAN, WAN, or Internet

Retrieve, View, Annotate, Print, Email, or Fax