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As a small business of 70 years, we know it can be tough to make those risky decisions for the sake of saving money.  In this challenging and uncertain economy we understand that you are evaluating all aspects of your business to conserve and cut back expenses and possibly to downsize or explore cheaper alternatives; which adversely could sacrifice your current quality or expectations of satisfactory products and services.

We would like to help you find some unique ways to save money without compromising your values of a satisfactory product or service.

To our current customers:

If you have been with us for decades or only a few weeks, you can schedule an appointment with our special services department to learn how we can improve our current services to you.

To our prospective customers:

We are confident you will see a difference by switching to us.  We make decisions on the dime of a hat versus our larger competitors needing 5 plus meetings and management signatures taking days to weeks for a simple resolution to any request or issue.

Our customer service, office staff, and technical service offer extra friendly and helpful service.  We don’t give special treatment to any one individual, everyone is treated with the respect and human relationship they deserve.

So, switching to Parsons, you will not sacrifice anything, if not actually experience an upgrade to your current service.  Because our overhead is lower and we operate our company with the most conservative practices; we are able to pass these cost savings to you as a customer.  We are extremely competitive and will make sure you agree.


So, at this point, you are probably wondering how we are going to offer premium products and service for a competitive price and still find additional ways to save you money.  Again, our wisdom collected over 70 years can be valuable to you.  We have consultants who examine your current processes and expenses, then provide you with their findings.  These findings could result in extreme savings.  There could be savings with subtle changes in how or what you are doing and sometimes suggest advanced changes in technology offering improved processes, automation, print reductions, or tablet solutions; just to name a few.


Topics of expertise include print management services, supply ordering, automation solutions, fax solutions, web & software development, content and communication management (internaly & with your customers or vendors), and nearly anything database related including managing software development projects.  We work with clients to improve processes, reduce costs, increase production, drive profits, and simply make life in the office better.


Items commonly evaluated for clients include both physical or tangible items and virtual or digital items (i.e. PC, server, cloud).  

Tangible items include paper documents, magazines, newspapers, books, microfilm, microfiche, dot matrix, green bar or blue bar (mostly reports), inventory control, fax, unnecessary printing from antiquated databases, video conversion, and RFID opportunities.  

Virtual items examined include emails, reports, data streams, phone line data capture (911 project), mainframes, AS400, web content, digital devices (including electronic pen capture, tablets, PDA/cell phone), and any content on PC or server needing categorizing and control within a database environment.

Additionally, we examine areas of replicated copy, print, and data entry; increasing the speed of processing data, reducing labor time/costs, and reducing expenses related to paper, short/long term paper/content storage, paper/content retention, and copy/print equipment (including: parts, supplies, repair, internal IT resources).

Cost Savings