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Your very first option when your equipment has an issue, of course, is to place a service call.  You might receive a phone call to try and resolve the issue over the phone.  If a service technician is still required, you could have to wait a few hours before your equipment is working again.

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What about toner spills?

Toner is a great product but is a mess to keep contained.

Sometimes switching out the toner bottle goes very well and other times it is a disaster. Toner spills are just inevitable and are going to happen even though we try to avoid them. So, there are a few things to remember when cleaning up after toner is scattered where it shouldn't be.

It is always best to keep the spilled toner dry. Wetting it down generally is not a good approach. When it is dry it releases from what it is resting on more easily.  A simple tissue can generally lift small deposits of toner. If there is lot of toner to pick up, a vacuum cleaner that can handle toner safely can be used to pick it up. If toner is on your hands you want to be sure and wash it off with cold water. Heat makes the toner set or harden. Remember it is the heat treatment that makes it adhere to the paper it rests on. Once the toner has been removed a paper towel with some surface cleaner  or water can be used just to gather up any remaining light toner dust and leave the surface clean.

What should I do when my equipment has an issue?

Equipment Training

Or, you might try a proactive approach to help prevent certain equipment failure and downtime.  We put together a basic training course to help your office better resolve the most common issues that occur in your office so that your equipment is up and running within minutes and potentially eliminate the need to wait for a service technician.