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Your very first option when your equipment has an issue, of course, is to place a service call.  You might receive a phone call to try and resolve the issue over the phone.  If a service technician is still required, you could have to wait a few hours before your equipment is working again.

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Paper jams can be reduced, especially in offices experiencing excessive jamming.

Be sure the paper is loaded into the tray with the paper guides flush to the paper as to prevent the paper from entering the machine with a slight angle.  This slight angle may immediately or eventually start jamming.

Your choice of paper and it’s quality could be a significant factor in reducing paper jams.

If paper doesn't move smoothly through the printer the whole process fails. Inexpensive paper that is too frail to maintain its integrity as it travels through the printer may be less expensive, but costs more in unnecessary jams and printer down time.

24 lb paper could be a good start.

Look for the paper stating something like “99% Jam Free.”  This type of paper is constructed better.  It is typically thicker (24 lb) and cleaner.  Thick paper handles the bends and turns in a commercial printer or copier much better.  Cleaner paper leaves less dirt, dust, or paper particles within the machine to eventually build up and cause blockage or slipping issues.  This paper may have more accurate and cleaner cuts from the manufacturing process which reduces any errors within typical sensitive commercial copiers.

Thicker and better quality paper may also handle moisture better.  Your machine can get very hot and cause your paper to curl as it travels through the machine; which can cause unnecessary paper jams.

Try not to load all the paper trays with paper if paper commonly sits in the printer tray for several weeks.  This is especially important if the office humidity is high due to recent rain or the geographical area is in a high humidity climate.

Here are a few references found from some reputable companies:

What should I do when my equipment has an issue?

Equipment Training

Or, you might try a proactive approach to help prevent certain equipment failure and downtime.  We put together a basic training course to help your office better resolve the most common issues that occur in your office so that your equipment is up and running within minutes and potentially eliminate the need to wait for a service technician.