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Your very first option when your equipment has an issue, of course, is to place a service call.  You might receive a phone call to try and resolve the issue over the phone.  If a service technician is still required, you could have to wait a few hours before your equipment is working again.

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How does a printer or copier do its job?

Understanding your printer is fairly simple, once you break them down into manageable concepts. You have paper of various sizes stored in trays. Once data is received from various sources ( print, copy, fax, scan ) the result is typically the same, the machine will print the content onto paper. No matter where the data comes from it will print the same way.

Paper is sensitized as the image is wiped across it. The sensitized area on the sheet of paper is exposed to toner which clings to the page and then the heat is applied to the page to get the toner to stick. The paper is transported out of the device to some holding mechanism that turns the paper face up or face down and may apply finishing options like staples, folds, crease, off-set/collate, and more.  Printing is not rocket science but lots of little operations that follow each other until the result is a completed process. When your printer fails to complete the process, it becomes a mystery to be solved, as to why and where the printing stopped.  A knowledgeable detective will examine the evidence and diagnose the failure. Once the issue is corrected, like clearing a paper jam or adding toner, the process is back on track and production is in full swing again.

What should I do when my equipment has an issue?

Equipment Training

Or, you might try a proactive approach to help prevent certain equipment failure and downtime.  We put together a basic training course to help your office better resolve the most common issues that occur in your office so that your equipment is up and running within minutes and potentially eliminate the need to wait for a service technician.