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We take a much different approach to managed print services.  Our Smart Print Technology uses the most state of the art software and intellectual design customized to your unique office needs.  We not only examine print quantities, but your office workflow, including human behaviors.  We can implement controlled rules offering reports and even automated redirection of print jobs to more cost effective devices.  

Our systems are cutting edge and exclusive to Central Texas!

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Unlimited cost and environment saving possibilities:

Smart Print Rules features the industry’s only printing rules engine which allows you to cut your printing expenses from 30% to even 75% in some cases.

Our Smart Print Technology is like no other


Clicking on print costs much more than you think

Smart Print Services introduces an innovative rules engine that enables you to enforce any printing policy you can imagine. Whether your goals are to lower operating costs, reduce your carbon footprint, or increase security, Smart Print Services Rules offers the simplest, yet most highly configurable, method to ensure that every printer is being used in the most efficient way.

Reduce Costs

Convenience printers and color printing are business requirements for many organizations, but when these tools are misused, the outcome is costly. Many organizations are now using Print Rules to make sure users can still create the documents they need, but greatly reduce the cost to create those documents.

By encouraging users to print more efficiently, costs can be drastically reduced. Rules may even be defined for specific user groups so not to impact users with more specialized printing needs. Some ways that rules can reduce costs is by:

Go Green

Paper consumption and paper waste are the most noticeable environmental offenders in most organizations because unclaimed documents are visible in every recycling bin and output tray. But there are also environmental costs that are not as visible. The production of toner and inkjet cartridges contributes to oil consumption and global carbon emissions, and printers consume energy every time a document is produced.

Many organizations are now developing Green policies to help them meet their sustainability goals. These goals are important milestones for the company, the employees, their customers and shareholders.

By using Print Rules, organizations can promote their green strategy to all users, and help them contribute to the success of the sustainability program by:

Additionally:  Let users know that their prints and copies are being monitored (just like email monitoring).  Users will be more reluctant to print wastefully or print personal items unless approved by your organization’s print standards.

We offer an add-on allowing for any or all prints, to be automatically duplicated and directed to a Content Management Database System.  This system offers the ability to search by key words, by users, by date range, and more.  A sophisticated query based search is also possible.  Use this product just as you do with email monitoring.  We can automate randomly selected prints for review as well.  If you like this audit trail of printing type service, we can also do the same for your email.  Our email services include: auto capture (with rules), email forms processing, email workflow, email duplication, email auditing, email key word search (can includes attachments), and more.