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We take a much different approach to managed print services.  Our Smart Print Technology uses the most state of the art software and intellectual design customized to your unique office needs.  We not only examine print quantities, but your office workflow, including human behaviors.  We can implement controlled rules offering reports and even automated redirection of print jobs to more cost effective devices.  

Our systems are cutting edge and exclusive to Central Texas!

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Document Security & Regulatory Compliance:

Stringent access controls and audit trails of all document changes are enormous benefits of digital document security applications. However, many organizations have noticed there is a large gap in security when it comes to the printing of documents.

Print Rules are helping organizations close the security gap and adhere to legislative regulations, like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA, by:

Our Smart Print Technology is like no other

SECURITY - Print Management

Help desks save hundreds of hours on printer related issues

One out-of-service printer can interfere with productivity in more ways than you would expect. The average user may print several documents to a printer before discovering the device is awaiting a service call. The disruption in workflow causes inconvenience to not only those who are attempting to print, but also to IT staff who must respond to repeated calls about one device.

Allow your IT staff to remain focused on their tasks and avoid the distraction of having to respond to countless messages regarding a printing problem that may already in the process of resolution.

Calls to Help Desk can be reduced by using Rules to:

Tailored to your organization’s culture

Every organization has its own unique needs and requirements. The flexibility of the Smart Print Services rules engine puts the management of all printing under control. Whether your goal is to enhance workflow, control access or reinforce any printing policy, Smart Print Services Rules can help you manage any kind of printing whether it pertains to: