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Failure to secure knowledge capital and document management systems can prove costly.

Technology has transformed the way employees conduct business. Today, documents take shape in not only the traditional hard copy forms, including handwritten notes and draft versions of paper communications, but also in electronic forms on desktops and in email. Since employees create, store, share and distribute these electronic documents differently than traditional paper documents, this information is at high risk of theft or loss. To remain competitive, a company must address these threats by securing the documents and document management systems that contain a company's most valuable asset - knowledge.

Information and document management systems face a wide range of security threats. These threats include intentional espionage acts such as computer hacking, theft, fraud and sabotage, as well as unintentional acts like human error and natural disasters. Information security is more than protection. It is about ensuring timely access and availability of document content to improve business process and performance. It is also about managing original content and complying with federal regulations.

Global Document Outsourcing accomplishes this, in part, through the code of practice defined in the ISO 17799 Information Security Management Standard, and the establishment of an appropriate management system. The system manages risk across the enterprise creating balance between physical, technical, procedural, and personnel security.

In addition to implementation of a management system, Global Document Outsourcing develops unique solutions, such as a secure-document tracking system that helps reduce the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive documents to the public via the Internet. This customizable solution ensures security by identifying each document with a unique code that can be traced back to the original authorized employee, ultimately discouraging employees from using and sharing these documents improperly.

Global Document Outsourcing is also using DataGlyph technology to maintain the integrity of information and streamline the business process. By digitally capturing a company's customer information at the time of transaction, information is available in real-time, adding additional security to a new and improved business process.

Although companies cannot completely prevent security problems, when addressed head-on by utilizing smart documents and processes, economic espionage and information loss can be reduced.

There is certainly more to learn of this type technology, contact our office for more information.