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We are serious about security

Protecting sensitive electronic information is of greater concern than ever before.

We want to become a partner with your IT and Security team, helping you combat security concerning our areas of expertise.  It can be overwhelming for your internal or external IT staff to keep up with and implement all security aspects within your office.  We can help protect your more precious information within your organization.  When sharing this content whether; printing, scanning, email, copy, fax, and long term preservation (paper file cabinets or digital), we can help.

As you know, in today’s time, security threats are on the rise.  The most security conscious companies and government entities have been fooled and their critical information compromised.  If you are a small company, don’t think you are immune.  Small companies are the least secured or protected; which makes for the easiest targets to steal employee records (social security, medical, payroll etc), credit card data, client records/content, and your own companies’ intellectual property and secrets.

In some cases, your IT department simply limits your use of technology as a method of “locking down” devices or features for reducing security risk.  In addition, your company may be preventing great technology that you already own from being used in the office.  This can be certainly true with your copier (mfp or mfd).  If your copier is currently on the network and performing any copy, print, fax, or scan; this device is completely susceptible to risk of hackers; regardless of how safe or “locked down” your IT staff may think.  Every copy, print, scan, and fax opens the possibility of an internal or external company threat.

If you are not currently using a Xerox copier with the Connect Key, or specifically the White Listing Technology, your networked copier, printer, scanner, or fax is extremely vulnerable.  This Whitelisting technology from Xerox is cutting edge and has a sizable jump on the competition.  As of May 2013, we at POSI believe our competitors may not have their copy-cat version out until a year from now.

Where to start???

Depending on your knowledge and concerns of these matters,

you may want to choose from the following categories:

The Sceptic

The sceptic needing proof a problem exists or a concern should even be conceived concerning your networked copier.


Looking for the technical information

Whether you are convinced you have “locked down” your copier or not sure, lets cut to the chase with the technical information first.


Upper Management

Don’t really want the too technical details, what is the bottom line or brief synopsis?  Cover the basics.

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