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Tabbing, Labeling, & Stamping Machines

This fixed-speed, single tabber gives you all the advantages and cost savings of high-speed tabbing in one compact and economical unit. Its exceptionally large 17.0? material width capacity is unmatched in the industry.


 •Speed up to 12,000 pieces/hour

 •Applies single tabs

The ATS-309 is adaptable to different mailpiece formats, enabling tab affixing to two sides in a single pass, and side-to-side or top-to-side tabbing.

 •Tabbing and stamping

 •Speed up to 25,000 pieces/hour

 •Applies 1-3 tabs

This versatile and affordable model offers high speed double-tabbing. Its feeder runs a wide variety of materials up to 1/8? thick and has a detachable hopper so it can even be used in-line.


 •Speed up to 22,000 pieces/hour

 •Applies 1-2 tabs

This tabber/stamp affixer is the only machine available in its price range that can apply 1 to 3 tabs or stamps in-line.

 •Tabbing and stamping

 •Speed up to 25,000 pieces/hour

 •Applies 1-3 tabs

Fast and versatile, these top-of-the-line, high-end tabletop labelers/tabbers apply clear, translucent, or paper tabs with ease in a variety of tab sizes, and can apply labels up to 4? wide. An innovative side tab facilitates continuous job running.

 •Tabbing and labeling

 •Speed up to 35,000 pieces/hour

 •Applies 1-3 tabs

Unlike most tabbers in their class that can only output paper tabs, the fast and versatile FP ATS-9600 (labeler/tabber) and ATS-9700 (labeler/tabber/stamper) handle clear, translucent, or paper tabs with ease in a variety of tab sizes, and can apply labels over 4.0? wide.

 •Tabbing, labeling and stamping

 •Speed up to 25,000 pieces/hour

 •Applies single tabs

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Automate your mailing operations with time-saving labeling, tabbing, and stamping technology. FP’s complete selection of tabbers, labelers, and stampers are easy to use and efficient. Every model boasts three critical “must-haves”: high processing speed, versatility to accommodate a range of materials, and durability for long-life operation.

FP ATS-8000

FP ATS-309

FP ATS-9800

FP ATS-8900

FP ATS-9900/9950

FP ATS-9600/9700